In an era where everyone claims to be "green" or environmentally friendly, Bernhardt Restoration is proud to say that we have been operating in this manner ever since the birth of our company in 1994.

Being a family owned and operated business, founder Atilio Bernhardt is always thinking of ways to provide a safe living environment for his customers families, as well as a safe work for his employees (many of which are his own family members).  In doing so, Bernhardt Restoration selects environmentally friendly cleaning products and energy efficient equipment. Furthermore, our technicians are educated in how to properly dispose of liquid and solid waste which may contain harmful chemicals and contaminates which include mold, asbestos, etc.

In addition to operating in a concious manner ourselves, upon our involvement on any site, our technicians often identify and remedy infractions (such as illegal storm water discharges into to sanitary lines) and other inefficiencies (like inadequate storm discharge points which result in sump pumps running more then they should). Beyond those two examples, there are numerous other hidden inefficiencies lurking in and around your home. Customers who employ Bernhardt Restoration as a contractor, often find comfort in our environmentally friendly approach. As they witness first hand that we are sincere in maintaining the health and well being of our clients homes the world which we all share.