Bernhardt Restoration is a local Fire Restoration contractor offering complete and total restoration services which includes carefully packing your personal items, drying, clean-up, reconstruction and mold prevention. We realize the full impacts of fire damage which often include water damage resulting from putting a fire out.

Having performed fire restoration services for countless customers, we fully understand the impacts a fire presents to your home and/or business. Therefore, we are committed to easing the frustrations our customers incur during such troubling events. You can trust that our professional restoration services include proper removal of fire waste and complete sanitation of what remains.

There are many hazards which are present during and/or after a fire. Do not jeopardize your health and well being, attempting to do-it-yourself. Leave this type of work to the professionals. We are fully aware of common hazards and are adequatly equiped with commercial grade safety gear and restoration equipment.

Furthermore, we are more then just a clean up contractor. We also specialize in reconstruction services and mold remediation. However, we wish our clients to understand that proper mold remediation techniques are not implemented until we perform a mold assessment which is  a technique used in occupational health to identify the location and extent of the mold hazard in a structure. Once a complete and accurate assessment is acheived then we can move beyond a simple removal or clean up mold from your indoor environment.

Bernhardt is highly certified in returning indoor air quality to healthy living conditions. Our attention to detail, common sense, experience and training can return the worst fire ravaged building into a normal, healthy breathing environment.

We have completed thousands of fire damage clean up, mold remediation and environmental clean up projects in the Chicago area and its surrounding suburbs. We are in your area on a daily basis!  Call us today for all of your fire restoration needs. We are always available and on call 24 hours Call us now at 847-520-8380