Bernhadt Restoration is a local storm damage contractor that performs all repairs required in order to restore your home or business to pre-storm conditions.

When a large storm event hits your local city or village, it can damage your homes exterior: roof, siding, soffits, gutters and fascia. This same storm can impact your homes interior. While a leaky roof may allow water to penetrate your homes interior from above, your home may also be penetrated from underneath, by cracked foundation walls, broken storm pipes, broken or clogged sanitary pipes and/or failed sump pumps.

Bernhadt Restoration is an experienced restoration contractor that realizes the full impacts of storm damage and are committed to easing the frustrations our customers incur during such troubling events. You can trust that our professional restoration services include proper removal of storm waste and complete sanitation and/or restoration of what remains.

While some floods are small and require minor remediation techniques, other floods are large and require complete reconstruction of roofs, walls, support beams, floors and sub-floors. At Bernhardt Restoration our experience goes beyond removal of wet, damaged and/or mold saturated carpet, rugs, drywall and framing. Not only can we remove such items, we can also replace them!

However, before performing full restoration and reconstruction after a flood, we ensure that any moisture or mold resulting from a storm is removed. We start by removing all apurtances often exposing further damage. Since 1994, Bernhardt Restoration has specialized in indoor air quality, total restoration and remediation from fire damage, water damage, mold and bacteria contamination. Therefore, you can trust that we will mitigate any and all contamination resulting from your fire or flood event. This is accomplished by having the right tools for the job and a staff that knows how to use them.

Once we confirm that all moisture, mold and contamination is remediated, we then move on to restoring your resident or commercial property to its original condition. We employ a in skilled in-house staff of carpenters, dry wall finishers, professional painters, certified plumbers and experienced tile and flooring contractors that work in harmony to restore even the most custom interiors and exteriors of your home.

If you are seeking a local storm contractor that specializes in restoration and mold remediation services, then look no further then Bernhardt Restoration. We have all the right tools for the job. Contact us today to schedule a site visit with one of our experienced technicians.