fillerAtilio Bernhardt - Owner of Bernhardt Restoration

The founder and creator of Bernhardt Restoration.
Atilio oversees all Company Employees/Actions, and approves all final invoices/estimates. As the final decision maker, Atilio ensures the quality of work and satisfaction of all of our clients.
 fillerMatt Christ - Project Manager

I have been employed with Bernhardt Restoration full time for nearly two years now. Before working at the main office in Chicago I had started the Fort Lauderdale branch with the owner’s son Mariano. My official title at BRI is vice treasurer but I more fulfill the role of Visionary. Someone in this office needs to see what the future of BRI can become and steer things accordingly to develop it’s potential, especially in this ever changing market. I also accompany Mark and Atilio on estimates and an occasional job. I also head up the water damage restoration department and am usually the first on the scene when disaster strikes during the wee hours of the morning.

Ariana Bernhardt - CFO, Business Development for Bernhardt Restoration

Ariana Bernhardt - CFO, Business Development

Oldest daughter of Atilio Bernhardt, Ariana handles everything from operations management and system implementation to marketing and networking. Ariana is educated in Indoor Air Quality, Vortex Drying Systems, and Business Management.  She will be working in the South Florida branch shortly, implementing “green” technologies into the everyday operations of our business.



Jorge Reyes

Jorge has an extensive background in plumbing and electrical work that he excelled at in Mexico.

Jorge's grasp on what is to be accomplished and ability to adapt, has helped him become our top supervisor. Being bilingual, friendly and courteous, Jorge has become a great asset to our TEAM.



Mariano Bernhardt

Mariano Bernhardt - CEO SFLA

Mariano Bernhardt, son of Atilio Bernhardt, is the founder of the South Florida branch. Mariano oversees all company operations. He is experienced in indoor air quality and mold remediation requirements as well as a Vortex Drying Specialist. Mariano is currently acting as CEO of Bernhardt Restoration – South Florida and plans to begin incorporating “green” technologies into everyday operations.

Ariel Bernhardt - Project Manager

Ariel Bernhardt - Project Manager

Ariel Bernhardt, cousin of Atilio Bernhardt, joined Bernhardt Restoration Inc – Chicago in 2001. He since has aided in expanding Bernhardt Restoration Inc to South Florida. At this location he is the project manager and is also a Certified Mold Remediation Specialist. Ariel assists Mariano with Estimates and is also in charge of creating Xactimates for each job.


Kristi Kleiman - Network Coordinator for Bernhardt Restoration

Kristi Kleiman - Network Coordinator

Kristi Kleiman joined Bernhardt Restoration - South Florida in 2007. She is responsible for assisting Mariano and Bernhardt Restoration Inc. with all networking operations.